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Youth Empowered is cultivating young minds through unconventional educational opportunities.

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Youth Empowered to Live (Y.E.L.)

The. Y.E.L. Program seeks to diminish at-risk behavior, such as bullying, violence and suicide by addressing the root issue of rejection. Youth are empowered to see that they are loved and accepted, and in turn, value their lives and the lives of others.

Youth Empowered to Serve (Y.E.S.)

Supported by our team of youth advocates, middle and high school participants research the needs of their communities, strategize solutions, and implement service activities that address socio-economic barriers to increasing their quality of life. Y.E.S. participants take ownership of their neighborhoods and increase its assets.

Youth Empowered for Tomorrow (Y.E.T.)

Y.E.T. participants are introduced to government and public administration careers. Youth are actively engaged in workshops, work-day shadowing, agency field trips, summer internships and volunteerism at public service events. These opportunities empower youth to become tomorrow-leaders.

Youth Empowered to Achieve (Y.E.A.)

Youth Empowered to Achieve supports academic achievement through Power Tables where youth receive academic tutoring and enrichment. Y.E.A. also minimizes socio-economic barriers to academic success, such as food and housing insecurity, by connecting youth with resources on a case-by-case basis. Y.E.A. works to address the individual youth's needs, therefore empowering them to focus on educational success.

Youth Empowered to Restore (Y.E.R.)

Youth Empowered to Restore is a restorative justice program that creates opportunities for youth who have interacted with the criminal justice system to repair any harm done and be restored to their community. 

Youth Empowered to Explore (Y.E.E.) 

Youth Empowered to Explore uses a Environmental-Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (E-STEM)  focused, nature-based learning curriculum to reconnect urban youth with blue and green spaces (land and water). 

Parents Empowered University (P.E.U.) 

A program sponsored by Youth Empowered, Parents Empowered teaches parents how to be their child's best advocate through cooperation and partnership with their child's village, including schools and youth serving organizations. 

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Founder and Executive Director

My name is Charity Hurst. I know that some of you know me, but for those who don’t, allow me to introduce myself. I’m an avid nature lover. There’s nothing like connecting with Creator in the great outdoors. So, you’ll likely find me hiking, bicycling, camping, birdwatching, sailing, or chasing waterfalls every chance I get. I’m also a total bookworm. 

All that said, and I spend most of the time loving on my three beautiful children. We are #roadschoolers and #worldschoolers. I’m teaching their adventurous souls how to be concerned be global citizens.

Professionally speaking, I’m the Executive Director of Youth Empowered, Inc., where we are cultivating young minds through unconventional learning opportunities. 

I continue to champion social justice efforts for underserved youth by building and introducing structural pathways that bridge gaps and unlock doors. I have served in the higher education space as a student advocate. As an active committee member, board member, and mentor, I am also a community change-maker with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

I’m so glad that I have an opportunity to serve your youth. I’d love to hear what you’re doing? What are your passions? How are you changing the world around you? Let’s connect soon.

Connect with Charity!

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Youth Empowered, Inc. is a registered Indiana nonprofit. By giving towards this cause, you will help future leaders to reach new horizons in life. Click the link below to donate today!

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